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Use a Link to Open an App in OutSystem Now
OutSystems Now provides a function named GetApplicationLink. Use it to build a link to open an application inside a device with OutSystems Now. Share that link with your users to run the application. When they tap on the link, the application opens inside OutSystems Now. No need to worry about browsers and bookmarks, or memorize links.
Your application sends an email when a certain product is on sale. In this email you want to include a link for customers to open the application on the product screen. If they open it in a mobile device, the application opens in OutSystems Now.
The necessary information to construct the link:
Module: Products
Screen: ProductInfo
Screen parameters: ProductId=2
To include the link in the email that your application sends, follow these steps:
1. Ensure that the OutSystems Now component of the Forge is installed. Learn how to install a component from the Forge;
2. In your application module, create a reference to the GetApplicationLink element of the OutSystemsNow module;
3. Add the ProductId as input parameter of the email;
4. In the Preparation action of the email, add a query that returns the name of the product, using the ProductId as filter;
5. In the email, add an expression where you want the link to appear.
Set it with the following value: 
"Check the " + GetProductById.List.Current.Product.Name + " in our app!"
6. Link the expression to an External Site, set the URL with the following value:
The link in the email looks the following on a mobile device:
If you inspect the link, it shows the following URL:
When the user taps on the link, it opens the Products application on the screen of the product with the id value of 2:
If the OutSystems Now application is not installed on the device, it asks the user to install it. If the user is not logged in, it prompts for credentials.
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