Why breadcrumbs?
Whenever a user is using a web application, he often feels the need to understand how that application is organized. He does not need to fully understand the information architecture, but at least be able to locate himself. And that is all that a breadcrumb is able to give: help the user understand how the application is organized and, at the same time, inform the user of its current location in the application.
When should you use a breadcrumb?
Use breadcrumbs when you application starts to get big and you have multiple levels of navigation and/or when your users are likely to land in a particular page of your application and not follow the flow from the dashboard (e.g.: bookmarked url);
Cautions when using breadcrumbs
- Don't let the breadcrumbs replace your main navigation (the menu). Breadcrumbs should be used together with the application main navigation and present an alternative form of navigation;

- Don't show the breadcrumb on the top level, typically the dashboard;

How to use the London Breadcrumbs
Simply put a new container inside the page title placeholder and set the style to Breadcrumbs. Place the desired links in the new container and be sure to separate them with an appropriate separator (e.g.:  from the Awesome font library).
Style: Breadcrumb

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