Coloring your theme
Change the London red color to match your own brand colors. Using the theme generator, you can easily adapt the London theme to your needs, with small changes to the base CSS of the theme.
The London theme is a monochromatic theme, using just one main color for all actions, links and buttons. You can also use shades of the main color for diversity, whenever you feel the need to.

The good news is that you can easily change and adapt the theme to your needs by changing the main color to another one of your choice.

If you think that one color is not enough for your needs, check these 50 examples of monochromatic websites, and it might change your mind.
Color palette
Here you have the base colors for the London theme. You can find the base main color (#EF462D), and several shades - one darker and four lighter.
How to customize the color
Go to the customize page and, based on your company's website, it will automatically try to find the best colors for you.
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