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Create mobile applications and enhance them with native capabilities using OutSystems Platform.
OutSystems Now is a native application for iOS, Android and Windows available for you to download and use in your personal mobile device. With it, you can easily reach all your OutSystems applications through a single point of access - you no longer need to memorize or bookmark all those different URLs.
Use the device native functionality to enhance the mobile experience. Native sensors such as GPS, barcode reader or camera, can largely reduce the need of input while improving the overall user experience.
How can I use it with my OutSystems Platform?
OutSystems Now requires OutSystems Platform 9 with an https certificate for secure connections. To use OutSystems Now, you need to download and install OutSystems Now component from OutSystems Forge. It includes two modules:

- The OutSystems Now module, with native plugins for you to use in your applications;

- The OutSystemsNowService module, that hosts the needed services for logging in users and displaying a list of your applications.
How are the native features supported by OutSystems Now?
OutSystems Now includes the Apache Cordova 3.6.3 framework (the same used by Phonegap) to provide support the device's native functionality.Using HTML, CSS and JavaScript, makes it fully compatible with all OutSystems applications.

All native functionality come in the form of plugins with known Javascript APIs and are wrapped by the Platform to make it real easy to use them in your apps.
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