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Hybrid plugins
Use the barcode scanner to build smarter applications. Barcodes can be used to quickly identify objects and minimize the user input.
The camera plugin allows applications to take pictures with the device. A picture may probably be worth a thousand words and minimize user input.
Get your user's location using the device's GPS. Display it on a map or find the shortest route between your user and your business.
Build applications to create events and manage multiple calendars in your device.  Don't let your users miss a thing.
Have access to phone contacts or add new ones. With this plugin you can extend your applications to interact with the device's address list.
Access the device's file system to store and load files. Use them as a local copy and improve your application performance.
 Learn more about the supported features on each operating system. 
To view examples running on your device, download the OutSystems Now Docs module and install it on your OutSystems Environment. Don't forget to install the required modules.
Use links to open apps in OutSystem Now
With OutSystems Now you can send links to users for them to open applications in their mobile devices. You can even be more specific and open applications on the screen you want, with the content you want! 
This feature can come in handy for you to speed up some processes in your company. Here are some examples:
- Notify your business users to let them know about a new application that is available in OutSystems Now. Send them an email with a link and they just have to tap on it to open the application; 
- When an important event takes place, you need employees to take an action. For example, when an important order is submitted and you need it to be approved as soon as possible. You can send an email to employees that approve those kind of orders. In the email, you put the link to open the application on the screen of that order. Then, they can immediately open the application in their devices and approve the order. 
- Send an email to Quality Assurance with a link to an application you want them to test in mobile devices. They just have to tap on the link in each device to open and test the application;
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